Our philosophy and standards set us apart in our industry. So does our longevity; we've been around since 1998. New Frontiers International was founded on the principle of providing the highest level of personal service, responsiveness and attention that only smaller firms can provide. With a small firm, things can get done quickly. You don't have to communicate through a bureaucracy. Our employees do their utmost to understand and meet our clients' ultimate expectations and goals. Service is our strength. Whether you're responsible for your company's information system or a user of it, our professionals will provide the support you need... when you need it!

Our full-service approach to technology consulting allows us to respond to your special needs and requirements promptly. We'll invest the time, up front and throughout our business relationship, to learn and understand your business environment, products, services and staffing challenges.

This in-depth approach, our knowledge of the technology marketplace and our professionals allow us to provide you with the support you need. Whether your plans call for one or more specialists or completing a major development project, NFI can deliver the expertise you need.



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