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From databases to data integration, process automation, budgeting, forecasting, forms automation, our Atlanta database consultants have done it all...  Is your data being collected efficiently, correctly and reliably? Data that is either incorrect or that falls through the cracks can cost millions. How reliable are your processes? Are you spending an inordinate amount of time tabulating, calculating or otherwise manually processing data that could be automated? Automation usually means examining current data collection and aggregation methods and removing tedious and prone-to-error steps. Give your employees the tools to work more on your business than in the business.  We'll do it for you and make it easy.  

MS Power BI, MS Access, MS Excel, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Tableau, QlikView and Websites

NFI does Dashboards and Databases. We work with a full suite of software, thus we can usually work with the tools you already have in house and to optimize solutions.  And if you don't see what you work with on our list, let us know what you have.  We aim to please.

We typically work with companies having five to 200 employees who have immediate needs their IT Department is too busy to handle or to provide specialized expertise they don't have in house.  But we've worked with clients of all sizes, from a single person company to various Fortune 500 firms like Home Depot, Cox Communications, Turner and more.

We help companies by building/maintaining their websites and data collection forms to building/maintaining databases, dashboards, reporting and more. We work with most cloud and on-premise data sources and databases.

NFI is an Atlanta database and business intelligence management consulting company established in 1998. Our software consulting includes custom software, data migration, data integration and database services.

We work with software such as Power Apps, Power BIMS Access 2016, MS Access 2013, MS Excel, Tableau, QlikView, Oracle and SQL Server.

If you have questions about your database, need help with validating data, reporting, importing, exporting or doing anything else with your data, call 770-850-1640 to speak to one of our very knowledgeable, very nice and helpful experts. With quality, security and more in mind, we do no offshoring. Made in America.  Great reviews.

Harness your data with NFI.


What Our Fantastic Clients Say

NFI did an outstanding job of understanding our needs, accomodating our changes and working with them to build a custom Access database to track everything we need... I would highly recommend New Frontiers Intenational to others in need of a custom software developer.

About 8,000 people are currently using the [Excel] tool [Narayan Sengupta] designed, which he also adapted for 13 languages. He was able to create a tool that changes dynamically based on user-entered data, and which has been widely accepted. He anticipated possible user error and built in code to prevent possible issues

NFI was very responsive to my needs for a custom [Excel] spreadsheet. We first communicated on a Friday and by the following Monday afternoon my spreadsheet was finished and exactly what I needed. Very fast and professional.

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Did you know that NFI builds KPI Tracking solutions? Atlanta's NFI has won Best in Atlanta in Database Design and Analytics category. For 15 straight years (2007 through 2022), we have won either a Best of Atlanta or Best of Marietta award.

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