With PowerApps, PowerBI, Access, Excel and other applications, Atlanta's NFI builds custom software for your business. Sometimes there are very expensive off-the-shelf applications you can shoehorn your businesses and processes into, but generally they have limitations.  Custom software is often better, easier to implement, costs less and does exactly what you need.

Meet > Design > Build > Test > Deploy.  We meet with you, have whiteboard sessions, examine your existing forms, reports, data structures and more. Together, we design something that works for you. Our custom software is designed with expandability, long-term use and long-term maintenance in mind.  And after the initial deployment, we're around to add enhancements, maintain your system, give you good ideas and support you in a way that meets your requirements and is best for you.

Over the life of an application, long-term maintenance can cost ten times what the initial software cost. For this reason, our custom software has much that is table-driven. This way our customers can maintain the software themselves to add new accounts, customers, employees or whatever else they want to be easily expandable.

We build software that runs on desktops, laptops and software that can be accessed online with an internet browser.

Attorneys, financial planners, construction, medical services and many other industries have many forms they use both for clients and internally. Cut down on the paperwork; save trees; save time, money and stress, and let NFI automate all this for you.

If you can think it, we can build custom software for it.

NFI Atlanta will do any of the following you need (and other things too):

  • Evaluate current processes
  • Pinpoint and eliminate inefficiencies
  • Suggest processes that could be programmed
  • Identify source data (Oracle, SQL Server, Excel, Access, .csv, .txt, .xml, etc.)
  • Build software to automate the processes
  • Create electronic data entry forms
  • Etc.
For Custom Software consulting, contact NFI (770-850-1640 or to answer your questions or for a free 15 minute phone consultation. 

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