Lumber Pack Inventory Software

NFI Lumber Pack Inventory Software is a simple Pack and Piece lumber inventory tracking tool.  It costs $25/User per year, so it's practically free. It can easily handle 1 to 10 Users and scale up from there by using more powerful database software such as SQL Server or Oracle.  You can import data from other sources (.csv, Excel, etc.) and then magically see the data come together in our application.  And if you need enhancements, then just let us know.  We'll be happy to charge you time and materials to add the exact functionality you want.

There is more:

  1. Can be enhanced to track any permits or certificates you issue.
  2. Let NFI migrate data from older applications into NFI Lumber Pack Inventory Software.
  3. Most other customization can be done easily by NFI within the framework we have already built.
  4. We provide quick turn around and reasonable prices on any new reports or other enhancements you might need.

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