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For 20+ years NFI, an Atlanta, Georgia IT consulting firm, has developed software. Modern tools such as Microsoft’s Power BI, Power Pivot, Power Query and Power Apps permit us to build extraordinarily powerful solutions fast with an elegant simplicity you’ll love.

  1. Power BI stands for Power Business Intelligence. This dashboarding tool is comparable to Tableau or QlikView. With Power BI, we can connect to many cloud-based or on premise data sources including Excel, Access, SQL Server, Azure, etc. Then we use Power BI to aggregate, pivot or otherwise transform data and do calculations, etc. to create interactive charts, mapping and more. 
  2. Power BI includes Power Query. Power Query is an ETL tool. ETL stands for Extract, Transform and Load. Essentially, it allows us to connect to and ETL seemingly any data source, pull data from it, manipulate it  and import it. In fact, we can connect to many sources such as Excel, Access, SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle, PostgreSQL, IBM Informix, SharePoint, Text/CSV, XML, JSON, etc.
  3. Power Pivot is an add-in to various new versions of MS Excel (Excel 2010, 2013 and 2016). This tool allows us to quickly aggregate millions of rows of data in ways that are far easier than older manual methods. And as the name implies, Power Pivot permits pivoting data so that columns become rows and vice-versa.
  4. Power Apps is a fairly easy way to build simple internet based applications, primarily for internal usage. The apps are mobile, tablet, iPad, laptop and desktop friendly!

Do these Microsoft tools replace Excel, Access, SQL Server and Oracle? No. For most Users, Excel can still do calculations faster and easier. MS Access can still handle many tables of data easier than Excel. SQL Server, Oracle, Azure, etc. are where one goes to build data warehouses or large databases that are far faster and more powerful than MS Access. But Power BI, Power Pivot, Power Query and Power Apps work in conjunction with these other tools, and we can integrate data from cloud-based or other aforementioned sources into Power BI dashboards.

A great thing about working with NFI is we connect to and leverage your existing databases. If you don’t have databases, we’ll learn more about your objectives and guide you through the process of getting you the tools you need.

If you have any questions, we’d love to talk and give you an estimate. We’re easy to reach. We don’t outsource but do all our work here out of Atlanta. This helps improve the security of your important data. It also means we’re very responsive, and we’re in or almost in the same time zone as you. We have great reviews and have been in business 20+ years. We’re far more affordable and more responsive than the big consulting firms such as EY, PWC, and IBM. Call us at 770-850-1640 today so we can help you address your important problems and increase your profitability now.

NFI is an Atlanta database and business intelligence management consulting company established in 1998. Our software consulting includes custom software, data migration, data integration and database services. We work with software such as Power Apps, Power BI, MS Access 2016, MS Access 2013, MS Excel, Tableau, QlikView, Oracle and SQL Server.

If you have questions about your database, need help with validating data, reporting, importing, exporting or doing anything else with your data, call 770-850-1640 to speak to one of our very knowledgeable, very nice and helpful experts. With quality, security and more in mind, we do no offshoring. Made in America.  Great reviews.

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