Tableau dashboards make visual magic of data.  Ever wanted to take data from Excel, Access, .txt, .csv, Oracle, SQL Server, etc. and make it pretty, interactive, easily digestible, plot on maps and more? We make it easy. These screenshots show a Tableau dashboard depicting America’s busiest #airports and total #passenger / #airline traffic using #FAA data.  Our consultants can help you visualize your data for your internal or external clients.  

Tableau - Visualize Data

NFI Atlanta's Tableau Consultants have built dozens of Tableau dashboards, giving companies professional, dynamic, interactive Business Intelligence/Visual Analytics tools to use internally and/or with clients or vendors.

Tableau connects easily to Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Common Data Service, Azure, GIS/ArcMAP, .csv, .txt or other data. All Tableau visuals can be deployed to the web, secured, and password protected by User or Group or simply used as regular files that can be emailed, stored on a PC or server, etc. 

Sample uses include GIS/ArcMAP, financial reporting, management reporting and metrics, KPIs and more. Atlanta's NFI builds high quality, attractive and user-friendly Tableau dashboards fast. 

in addition to Tableau, we build QlikView dashboards. PowerBI often in concert with PowerApps is also becoming popular.  Both are excellent tools. We can work with whichever tool you're already using or help you choose.  Tableau is often the best choice, however, because of its lower development costs, better support and also built in features such as interactive maps.

The determining factor is often what dashboarding/software is already used in-house. Regardless, we can work with all three.  

For any Tableau, QlikView or PowerBI work, contact NFI (770-850-1640 or to answer your questions or for a free 30 minute consultation

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